Alt suimiúil daoibh / Here’s an interesting article for yas

A chairde,

Chonaic muid an t-alt seo ar an idirlíon inniu:

Caithfidh muid uilig a bheith thar a bheith cúramach leis an méid a deir muid sa lá atá inniu ann, nach ea? Níor mhaith le haon duine a bheith maslach, leoga, ach ar bhealach amháin, is féidir le daoine a bheith beagán… cigilteach leis na rudaí seo, i mo thuairim féin. Cad is dóigh libhse?

Le meas,



Hello friends,

We saw this interesting article online today:

We always have to be so careful with what we say these days, don’t we? Nobody wants to be rude or offensive, of course, but then, people can be awfully touchy about these things, in my humble opinion. What do you all think?

All the best,



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