bread & tunes

Aw, I so wish I could eat wheat. The bread here is very tasty and there’s all sorts of lovely types of bread. I think the rougher brown bread is okay with my belly, and I’m thankful for that one consolation. Potato farls are amazing but wouldn’t be the best for my wheat craziness.

We visited a session in Galway on Thursday a while ago and while the music was good, I only played a tune or two largely because they played so FAST. (Just as you said, Kara!) The music wasn’t rushed, but it was fast enough that I couldn’t keep up. 

Here in Murbhach Maoláin (near Dungloe), we were away for the big events in Galway that occurred recently and while we are grateful to have been focusing on the studies, we were a bit sad to have missed such massive parties and Fun Things in the city. 

Apartment hunting is waiting until early August. We’ve been informed that most Irish students don’t know where they will go in September until mid August anyway so making a special 8-hour (return) trip to Galway today into tomorrow doesn’t make much sense, esp. because we fly to Scotland tomorrow for a friend’s wedding. 




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