We are here and busy!

We arrived in Ireland on Wednesday, 27 June, and have been extremely busy since then. About two hours after arriving in the country, we purchased a 2001 Nissan Almera for 1250 euro and insured it for about 600 euro. So now we have a legal and insured car for the year. We then spent a few days in Galway city with friends and traveled to Donegal on Friday evening. We stopped by an Indian restaurant in Sligo and stuffed ourselves en route. Arriving in Falcorrib, a village near An Clochán Liath (Dungloe), late in the evening, we unpacked what we needed to and crashed hard. Saturday was our only day of do-nothing, and we enjoyed it to the most. Our classes in Gaoth Dobhair (Gweedore) started on Sunday and are still going — very educational and challenging to be thinking and speaking in Irish all of the time, except for this blog and the occasional email. Despite the challenge, we love it and asked our teacher to give us more work. You shoulda seen the expression on her face!

It’s an interesting fact that chips (french fries) are a major food group here in rural Donegal.

Sadly, internet accessibility is rare so our updates won’t be very frequent until we have figured out a system.

Love from Co. Donegal,




4 thoughts on “We are here and busy!

  1. Kara says:

    Keep blogging whenever you can! FYI, a colleague of mine, Hugh Jenkins, will be taking the Union term to Galway this fall; he’ll be around the center for Irish Studies at NUIG. He’s good buddies with piper Tom Wadsworth, who will be coming over to visit for a month or so! Plus I heard Dylan Foley was going to be in Galway for September. Quite the expat community of musicians!!!

  2. Daron Tansley says:

    Chips salt and vinegar

  3. markbodah says:

    ní raibh bréag ann nuair a d’inis tú dom go raibh tú gnóthach! maith oraibh beirt.

  4. Eric says:

    My grandmother cooked us “chips” every day that we were in Ireland, during my trip years ago! Cooked in lard!

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